Terms and conditions of sales.

The general terms and conditions of sales apply if the buyer is an entrepreneur, and aim at facilitating the preparation of orders and their execution.


The quotes prepared by Wojnarowscy, unless an alternate period has been provided therein, are valid for one month from the date of their creation; the period may change due to reasons unattributable to the provider.
The information received in the form of documents, catalogues, price lists, etc. is not binding and may not be treated as part of the seller's quote. If the seller modifies their quote before the expiration of the validity period, the initial quote ceases to be valid and is replaced by a new quote.


Orders may be sent by post, e-mail or fax. In the case of orders being placed by phone, fax or on-line, the ordering party must confirm the order in writing, with reference to the number specified by the seller. This confirmation is to be immediately sent to the seller. Any changes or cancellations to orders by the buyer may be consented in writing by the seller if the recipient specifies them in writing prior to the shipment of goods and only provided that the goods constituting the subject of the order are included in the standard range of goods always stored in the seller's warehouse.
The seller does not accept any changes or cancellations of the order if the goods are not included in the standard range of goods always stored in the seller's warehouse or if the change or cancellation of the order results in the seller subsequently having to stock surplus goods in their warehouse.


The prices applicable for the buyer are the prices included in the seller's goods price list, unless otherwise negotiated in writing individually with the seller.
The prices may be modified in the instance of price changes made by the manufacturer or changes in foreign exchange rates. The determined prices are net prices, exclude VAT and shipment costs as well as other possible costs.


Delivery is carried out provided that the recipient has no outstanding payments due to the Wojnarowscy company. The deliveries are carried out directly by the manufacturer or Wojnarowscy at the buyer's expense, unless stipulated otherwise by the parties.

Wojnarowscy reserves the right to send the ordered goods in whole or in parts. Specific dates of delivery are specified according to probability, however this is subject to the supplier and the transport capacity. Failure to send the goods by Wojnarowscy on the specified date may not result in cancellation or change of the order by the buyer.

Delivery-related riskExpand

The buyer assumes the responsibility for the transportation of goods, and any subsequent risk connected with transportation of the delivery, unless the agreement states otherwise.

In case of damage to or loss of the delivery, whether wholly or partially, or should any indication of intervention by third parties be noted, the recipient is obliged to oversee any and all necessary complaint protocols, confirmed by the courier, as well as statements, and send them to Wojnarowscy within three days of the date when it received or should have received the goods. The recipient is also obliged to secure the delivery as well as the goods and documents included therein in the proper manner.

Complaint terms and conditionsExpand

A complaint may be considered if the goods have visible defects which were caused by fault of the seller, or if the buyer receives goods that it did not order. The situation is to be described in a protocol, which should be sent to the seller within 7 days of the receipt of goods. It is the buyer’s responsibility to keep full records of deliveries and any defects, damages to or losses of deliveries.

Technical specifications provided in the product catalogue may differ from the provided values by +-10%.

Return of goods: procedures and consequencesExpand

The return of goods, except for in the instances specified in point 6, may take place only on the basis of a written understanding concluded between Wojnarowscy and the buyer.

The goods are subject to return at the expense and risk of the buyer. The goods should be returned in their original packaging and may not be tampered with in any manner. Any operation of return of goods to Wojnarowscy should be completed with a corrected invoice payable to the buyer, after the quantitative and qualitative verification of the returned goods. A corrected invoice is also to be issued in cases where goods are returned due to reasons specified in point 6. In such cases, the buyer may be reimbursed the costs incurred in connection with the return of goods or return of the costs of purchase of the goods on the basis of a written decision of Wojnarowscy. In case of reimbursement of such costs the buyer loses the right to seek any other damages. If the return of goods is made due to reasons unattributable to Wojnarowscy, the goods are taken back, and the costs of administration, return to the warehouse and verification of the goods will be covered from their value specified in the invoice.

Technical specifications provided in the product catalogue may differ from the provided values by +-10%.


The goods sold by Wojnarowscy are covered by the manufacturer's guarantee, under the terms and conditions and in the scope specified by such a guarantee. Any repairs and modifications of goods received by the buyer are forbidden and result in loss of guarantee. The warranty for the goods sold by Wojnarowscy is excluded.


The liability of Wojnarowscy, resulting from the order placed by the buyer, is limited to double the value of any such order and covers only the damage caused as a result of wilful misconduct.

Wojnarowscy shall not be liable for any damage to or loss of delivery, any corresponding loss of profits, or complaints from third parties.


Invoices include VAT tax in the rate provided for in applicable provisions of law pursuant to their application.

Payment termsExpand

Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the amount due for goods should be paid in cash with no discounts on the date of receipt of the invoice. If the payment deadline is decided for a later date, the date on which the goods should have left or left the seller's warehouse is the date from which the payment term is calculated. The payment should be made on the date specified in the invoice. In cases of delay in payment, Wojnarowscy is entitled to charge liquidated damages for the duration of delay, in the amount of 0.1% per 1 day of delay in accordance with Article 359 of the Civil Code.

Force MajeureExpand

In the case of circumstances, which could have not been predicted at the time of concluding the agreement, and which render impossible or hinder the performance of the obligations assumed by the seller, the seller is released from the obligations stated in the agreement and the present terms and conditions of sales throughout the duration period of such circumstances.

Personal data protectionExpand

The conclusion of an agreement between an individual and Wojnarowscy is tantamount with any such individual granting consent to the processing of their personal details by Wojnarowscy Sp. z o.o. for commercial and marketing purposes. Such an individual is entitled to access their details and correct them, and may withdraw their consent for processing personal details at any time.



Any disputes which may arise on the basis of the agreements concluded by Wojnarowscy will be settled by the court competent for the registered office of the company.

Any changes in the present general terms and conditions may be made with the written consent of Wojnarowscy, otherwise such consent shall be rendered null and void.

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