55W COB LED strips, with a 5-year warranty - effect of uniform light line

55W COB LED strips, with a 5-year warranty, will ensure the effect of an even, uniform, stylish and beautiful light line. A modern and newest solution available on the market in this product group, now in the SpectrumLED offer!

The advantages of this stylish solution are as follows:

• The use of COB technology in LED strips guarantees a uniform line of light, which eliminates the formation of shadows and reflections, providing brighter lighting and soft light distribution without the need to use profiles with a diffuser
• 24V DC power supply produces less heat, less voltage drop and longer LED life • Available in two colors: WW and NW
• LED strips glued from the bottom with 3M brand adhesive tape, which guarantees strong and durable adhesion to the substrate Find out more from the product sheet.

See the product card.