We are pleased to inform you that our company received the main award for "THE BEST LIGHTING INVESTMENT 2021" in a competition organized by the Polish Association of the Lighting Industry. We submitted the Cukrownia Żnin conference and leisure complex to the competition - a facility that we are proud of and we are extremely pleased that in this unique place SPECTRUM LED lighting has been installed.

In addition to the main prize, we also received a Special Award - the Alicja Peczynska Award "for non-standard, very original, and at the same time very professional lighting in the conference and leisure complex, Cukrownia Żnin".

The facility, in which we have installed the lighting, the Cukrownia Żnin is 35 hectares of space, where the buildings of the 19th-century factory have been restored, giving them a second life in the form of a conference and leisure center. We had a real challenge when designing the lighting. The place where, on the one hand, you can find the spirit of an old factory, historical souvenirs and spaces with partially preserved elements of the old plant, and on the other hand, modern solutions that create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, had to be perfectly illuminated.

The aim of the project was to emphasize the industrial character of the facility, while maintaining the requirements of the standard. Modern LED luminaires with advanced technical parameters were selected. Such a selection of luminaires allowed to maintain the required quality of lighting while reducing the power consumption of the luminaires. With such a large scale of the investment, these are the key aspects influencing the energy efficiency of the building. For the needs of the project, a new solution has been developed together with the Investor's Designer - chandeliers made of hanging Spectrum LED led tubes lamps. Installations made of led tubes lamps a very unique effect. You can’t pass by these chandeliers indifferently.

Our goal was to create an exceptional atmosphere with the help of light, which would further emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the facility. We are proud that we have achieved our goal by implementing an investment on a global scale.