NOCTIS LUX 2 20W floodlight with motion sensor, SLI029042WW_CZUJNIK


NOCTIS LUX 2 20W floodlight with motion sensor

Floodlight NOCTIS LUX 2, with a power of 20 W. It has a high IP44 rating, making it ideal for use in areas of high humidity. It shines with a warm light (3000K). Designed for surface mounting.
Motion sensor PIR (sensor regulated, range: 2-10 m., operating time: 10 s. - 7 m., ambient light: 3 - 2000 LUX)

The latest generation of floodlights


For outdoor use: garden lighting, garages, driveways, terraces, balconies, patios, facades, building facades, garages, staircases, passageways, underground passages, swimming pools (internal)

Technical data

Power 20 W
Nominal current 100 mA
Voltage 230 V
Energy consumption 20 kWh/1000h
Frequency 50 Hz
Protection class I
Power supply included Yes
Power factor 0.5
Luminous flux 1790 lm (120)°
Luminous flux 1700/1790 lm (360)°
Lamp efficacy 85 lm/W
Colour temperature 3000 K
Colour of light Warm
Beam angle 100 °
Working temperature range -20/+40 °C
Lifespan 17000 h
Degree of protection (IP) IP44
Colour White
Dimension 158x121x25 [mm]
Assembly method Surface mounted
Application INT/EXT
Warranty 2-years

Other product variants

NameSymbol Luminous flux Colour temperature
NOCTIS LUX 2 20W floodlight with motion sensor, SLI029042CW_CZUJNIK SLI029042CW_CZUJNIK 1850 lm (120)°6000 Kpdf
NOCTIS LUX 2 20W floodlight with motion sensor, SLI029042NW_CZUJNIK SLI029042NW_CZUJNIK 1820 lm (120)°4000 Kpdf