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Limea Gigant 52W now is available with a 60 ° lens
Now Limea Gigant 52W is available with a 60 ° lens as an option.
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Flori Integro - Integrated garden luminaire with IP65.
Enjoy pleasant light in your garden and surroundings.
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Premiere of ALLDAY INSPIRE - the premium class among linear luminaires
Modern design, high-class materials and wide range of components and accessories as well as…
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PANORAMA - new ceiling luminaire with many possibilities to configurate and control system
Panorama is a ceiling luminaire with a 5-year warranty. This is a unique product dedicated to large…
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55W COB LED strips, with a 5-year warranty - effect of uniform light line
55W COB LED strips, with a 5-year warranty, will ensure the effect of an even, uniform, stylish and…
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NYMPHEA CITY PRO- now new power 27W
We have expanded our series of multifunctional plafonds with a 5-year warranty with a new power -…
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New in SMART luminaires: ALGINE SMART
Discover the world of intelligent lighting with ALGINE SMART and change the color and brightness of…
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NEW in the Spectrum Smart offer: 13W GLS SMART smart bulb with the highest luminous flux in the range!
Spectrum Smart offer now includes: 13W GLS SMART bulb with a highest luminous flux l in the range -…
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G4 PREMIUM - energy-saving LED source with a 5-YEAR WARRANTY!
G4 - energy-saving and small-size LED source, with high efficiency, now in the PREMIUM version with…
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ANDROMEDA - a real star among track-mounted luminaires, at a GREAT PRICE!
ANDROMEDA - a real star among track-mounted luminaires, with a high light efficacy, 2 beam angles…
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