ALGINE 35W led panel , WW, SLI035070WW_35W


ALGINE 35W led panel


- high light efficacy 110 lm/W
Product is sold to the foreign markets. Also available as SMART, DALI, DIM.

Technical data

Power 35 W
Nominal current 170 mA
Voltage 230 V
Energy efficiency classe E
Energy consumption 36 kWh/1000h
Frequency 50 Hz
Power supply included Yes
Power factor 0.9
Luminous flux 3850 lm (360)°
Luminous flux 3850 lm (360)°
Lamp efficacy 110 lm/W
Colour of light Warm
Beam angle 120 °
Dimmable Yes
Working temperature range -20/+40 °C
Lifespan 25000 h
Housing material ALUMINIUM, PLASTIC
IK 06
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Colour White
Dimension (AxBxC) 620x620x10 [mm]
Mounting hole 600x600 [mm]
Weight 2.35 kg
Assembly In the ceiling/On the ceiling/Pendant
Application INT
Warranty 3 years
Catalog number SLI035070WW_35W

Other product variants

NameSymbol Colour temperature Luminous flux
ALGINE 35W led panel , NW, SLI035070NW_35W SLI035070NW_35W -3900 lm (360)°pdf
ALGINE 35W led panel , CW, SLI035070CW_35W SLI035070CW_35W -3900 lm (360)°pdf
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