DURE 3 MAX 12W downlight, SLI043013CW_PW


DURE 3 MAX 12W downlight

Downlight luminaire DURE 3 MAX, with a power of 12 W, high light efficacy 133 lm/W. It is made of high-quality components, supported by a 5-year warranty. It has a high IP44 rating, making it ideal for use in rooms with high humidity. It shines with a cold light colour (6000K), which is suitable for rooms where we need to be most focused and concentrated, such as technical workstations. Designed for recessed mounting. The product is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene, so it can be used in rooms with high hygienic requirements.

Downlight for rooms with high humidity with a 5-year warranty. Perfect for investments and lighting modernization

Technical data

Power 12 W
Nominal current 68 mA
Voltage 230 V
Energy consumption 12 kWh/1000h
Frequency 50 Hz
Protection class II
Power factor 0.8
Luminous flux 1600 lm (360)°
Luminous flux 1200 lm (360)°
Lamp efficacy 133 lm/W
Colour temperature 6000 K
Colour of light Cold
Beam angle 110 °
Working temperature range -20/+40 °C
Lifespan 50000 h
Housing material PA6+ALUMINIUM
IK 6
Degree of protection (IP) IP44
Colour White
Dimension 140x30 [mm]
Mounting hole 110 [mm]
Assembly method Recessed
Application INT
Warranty 5-years

Other product variants

NameSymbol Luminous flux Colour temperature
DURE 3 MAX 12W downlight, SLI043013NW_PW SLI043013NW_PW 1600 lm (360)°4000 Kpdf
DURE 3 MAX 12W downlight, SLI043013WW_PW SLI043013WW_PW 1600 lm (360)°3000 Kpdf