LED TUBE 17W 120 cm, WOJ+22304_17W


LED TUBE 17W 120 cm

LED TUBE 17 W with G13 socket. It is characterised by a high light efficacy 112 lm/W. Lights up with neutral light - the most universal colour (4000K), which is suitable for the rooms we use on a daily basis, ensuring comfort during everyday activities. Wide beam angle 270° ensures even illumination of the room.
Energy label

Technical data

Power 17 W
Nominal current 120 mA
Voltage 230 V
Energy efficiency classe E
Energy consumption 17 kWh/1000h
Frequency 50 Hz
Power factor 0.6
Luminous flux 1900 lm (360)°
Luminous flux 1900 lm (360)°
Lamp efficacy 112 lm/W
Colour temperature 4000 K
Colour of light Neutral
Beam angle 270 °
Working temperature range -20/+40 °C
Lifespan 17000 h
Socket G13
Dimension 28X1200 [mm]
Application INT
Warranty 2-years

Other product variants

NameSymbol Luminous flux Colour temperature
LED TUBE 17W 120 cm, WOJ+22303_17W WOJ+22303_17W 1800 lm (360)°3000 Kpdf
LED TUBE 17W 120 cm, WOJ+22305_17W WOJ+22305_17W 1900 lm (360)°6000 Kpdf