RETRO SHINE LED COG 5W – classic design in a stronger version

Enjoy the unique visual effect and warm-coloured light thanks to the decorative LED COG bulb.

Advantages of RETRO SHINE
5W - a stronger version of this product line, an impressive lighting effect

- Unique shape and appearance: a series of decorative COG LED bulbs with a warm, atmospheric light effect, creating a pleasant atmosphere and a warm light effect and mood lighting
- Luminous efficacy up to 102 lm/W 
- Classic shapes of LED sources: candle GLS, ST, Globe enclosed in an amber-golden bulb
- Energy saving: Thanks to the durable filaments in COG LED, which consume very little electricity, COG LED sources are more effective than SMD LED sources.
- Wide beam angle of 270 ° - rooms’ even lighting, it works perfectly both as a hanging independent light source and an element for a ceiling fixture

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