Tobiasz is the champion of the Jaworznicka Dart League

and this is not the end ...

We invite you to see the new achievements of Tobias

  • The games of the Jaworzno League of Salos are already history. After many years of domination of Krystian Cebula, a change takes place, Tobiasz Fuczek becomes the Master. Out of 52 possible points, she scores 45 points, noting 16 entries. The MVP award also goes to Tobias. The second place went to Marcin Błaszkiewicz and the third place to Mariusz Dzikowski
  • In turn, in the finished games of the Silesian Super League, Tobiasz takes the 5th place with the achievement of 80 points. And just 8 points behind the leader. Tobiasz becomes the MVP of the season, collecting prizes for the highest number of maxs, the highest number of entries, and the fastest dart (12). We would like to remind you that it was his debut season, in which experience, control and stability of the form determined the higher places. Dawid Robak became the champion of Supeliga after a brilliant season - 103 entries !!!
  • On 08-10.07.2022 the Polish Championship in Steel Dart took place. All the best players from Poland came to Tarnowo Podgórne. The competition began on Friday with the Supelig final tournaments and the Doubles Tournament. On Saturday there were tournaments for Juniors as well as the Polish Championships and finals from the previous day. Tobiasz Fuczek and Marcin Błaszkiewicz take 17th place out of 113 pairs. In the individual games, in which 280 people took part, Tobias took the place of about 129.

Upcoming tournaments:
July 16 Jaworzno Championship - Tobiasz will defend the vice-championship
July 30 Underground Tychy- Tobiasz takes 5th place in the first tournament
August 8- Mikołów Summer Grand Prix
August 21- Mikołów Summer Grand Prix

Good luck Tobiasz :)