Wojnarowscy became the member of the Polish Contruction Cluster

We have a great pleasure to inform you that the company Wojnarowscy ltd. became a member of the Polish Construction Cluster. Thanks to the cooperation with the Polish Construction Cluster we will get new opportunities and possibilities, among others i.e.

  • Establishing links between entities of Eastern Poland Region through the creation of the Polish Construction Cluster,
  • Development of the Polish Construction Cluster through development of a comprehensive strategy operations and achievement of goals provided in the strategy of operations (1st cluster development strategy
  • Improvement of performance and increase of innovativeness of cluster affiliates by performing cyclical analytical studies and utilising their results (establishing cooperation between science and economy),
  • Increase of competitiveness of cluster affiliates by incorporating new innovative services and products,
  • Promotion of the Cluster and the idea of clustering in Eastern Poland by promotional activities (a periodical publication, promotion with the use of the website, promotional materials, information leaflets, fairs, trade missions, conferences, seminars),
  • Development of the Polish Construction Cluster by admitting new members representing business environment institutions from any of the Eastern Poland Region Voivodeships and establishing cooperation with other cooperation networks in the country.

Polish Construction Cluster project is complementary to actions performed within the confines of the Business Environment Institutions Cluster – a project coordinated by the Polish Consulting Association – and is also a continuation of promotion of the clustering concept and development of ties between business and science. Providing systematic support to institutions and entrepreneurs operating in the field of construction services by establishing solid grounds for cooperation, creating an innovative network of connections based on the transfer of knowledge, technology and innovative solutions between the members of the Cluster, business environment institutions, research and development entities, research institutions and local governments in order to elaborate a strong competitive position in the field of construction services of the Eastern Poland region. A will to achieve common goals, cooperation and unity in actions taken to handle matters important to all of us is the reason for joining forces and overcoming obstacles that turn up before us. Integration and sense of responsibility for joint actions makes our Cluster unique!